Are you going through a divorce where there are children involved? Are you experiencing custody issues and in need a professional to help you navigate the sometimes frightening, and frustrating twists and turns of family law?

Laura Metcalf knows that parents who are divorcing with children need to know their responsibilities and rights immediately to prepare themselves for the process. She has been practicing civil law in Tennessee for almost 20 years.

Not only is Laura an Attorney with years of experience in family law but she is a Rule 31 listed mediator, in addition to a divorce/family law attorney. (A Rule 31 mediator is any person listed by the ADRC as a mediator pursuant to section 17 herein, who has complied with all applicable renewal listing and continuing education requirements and is approved by the ADRC to conduct court-ordered mediations.) Not only has Laura conducted hundreds of mediations but she teaches other lawyers how to become Rule 31 mediators.

If you are in need of the services of an experienced, highly competent and successful attorney call or email Laura Metcalf today for an immediate, no-cost private consultation about your particular legal issues.